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Chiropractic Students

Chiropractic Now is expanding its vision to include an area devoted to Chiropractic Students. Planned areas of development include Chiropractic student information from Chiropractic colleges, Chiropractic State Board requirements and Chiropractic State Board exam dates. Prep courses for licensing and National Boards will also be posted.

Associate doctor positions will be posted to help students find Chiropractors who are hiring. Practicing doctors who are seeking chiropractic associate doctors should email us at: with the pertinent details of the employment.  

The American Chiropractic Association and the International Chiropractors Association both offer student memberships. A detailed list of membership benefits and new practitioner ddiscounts will be posted.

Courses in practice management , office start up, chiropractic software, and hiring staff will be discussed for the Chiropractic students nearing graduation.

Chiropractic stats, clinical articles helpful to Chiropractic students entering clinic internship, and  social networking will be explored.