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Chiropractic History

Chiropractic history began in the mid-west town of Davenport, Iowa on on September 18, 1895. On that day, a magnetic healer, named Daniel David Palmer, discovered chiropractic while treating one of his patients, a janitor, who worked in his building, named Harvey Lillard. Mr. Lillard had a hearing loss problem. One day, Dr. Palmer noticed a bump on Mr. Lillard's back, near the base of his neck. Mr. Lillard explained the bump occurred several years ago, after working in a strained position. Mr. Lillard recalled suddenly hearing a loud popping sound in his back and shortly after his back was strained is when his hearing loss began.

Dr. Palmer successfully manipulated the misaligned vertebra, which reduced the bump on Mr. Lillard's neck. The adjustment also brought about a restoration of Mr. Lillard's hearing. Dr. Palmer began to notice similar correlations in other patients. He discovered that relieving the pressure on pinched nerves, that exit the spine between misaligned vertebra, often resulted in the improvement or eradication of the patient's complaint. Dr. Palmer  continued his practice and studies and developed a system of spinal manipulation he called Chiropractic, from the Greek word, "Chiropraktikos" meaning, "To Perform With The Hands.”


In 1897 Dr. Palmer opened the Palmer School of Chiropractic and in the years that followed he also opened chiropractic schools in Oklahoma, Oregon, and California. The Palmer school was later sold to Dr. Palmer's son,  B. J. Palmer, who further developed the school into what eventually became known as The Palmer College of Chiropractic, regarded amongst the Chiropractic profession as the Fountainhead of Chiropractic.


Philosophy and Science

Chiropractors take an alternative approach to medicine by helping our bodies heal themselves. Chiropractic is based on the premise that we all have an innate intelligence that keeps our bodies in balance, heals wounds, and fights infections.

Chiropractors believe healing is a natural process and provided this process is not interfered with, our bodies will be able to heal without the need for drugs or surgeries.

Chiropractic enjoys a diverse applications of this natural healing philosophy. Some doctors of Chiropractic concentrate on only aligning aligning the first two vertebrae, called the atlas and the axis, which they believe will allow the brain to better transmit messages throughout the body. Others take a  "full spine" approach and believe a vertebral misalignment anywhere in the spine needs to be reduced. 

Some Chiropractors will utilize adjunctive therapies, like physical therapy, massage therapy, exercise, etc. to help the body hold an adjustment better and to aid the healing process.

What all chiropractic approaches share in common is a belief that disease comes from an inability our innate intelligence to heal our bodies. This interference is believed to come directly from pressure on the nervous system and is caused by a  misalignment of the vertebrae surrounding the nerve. By aligning the vertebra, Chiropractors remove the nerve interference, which enables the natural healing process.

modern Chiropractic 

Chiropractors are best known for a high success rate in the treatment of back pain, but did you know many other conditions can be successfully treated with chiropractic?

 Chiropractors a licensed as primary health care provides, which means a Doctor of Chiropractic is licensed to diagnose and treat illnesses and injuries without  the need for medical referral.

The Chiropractic Profession has many post-graduate degree programs, making it possible for Chiropractors to specialize in fields like orthopedics, pediatrics,  nutrition, exercise physiology, kinisiology, advanced radiology and sports medicine.

Chiropractors must take several health and science courses to enter leading towards a degree in the field of chiropractic. While in college, Chiropractic students complete the same pre-med requirements as MD's.  

Chiropractic students complete over 4000 hours of Chiropractic college, which slightly more time than MD's spend in Medical School.

Chiropractors also take extra courses in x-ray diagnosis and complete the typical health courses in physical examination and diagnosis with extra course study in x-ray diagnosis.

While in college, each chiropractic student is required to pass a National Board exam. Upon graduation, the chiropractic student must also pass a state board examination to obtain a  license to practice Chiropractic. 



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